Why are we changing to Xello?

It’s Who We Are

Like any successful future planning exercise, ours began with a thoughtful examination of who we are. When we reflected on our own identity as a company, we clearly saw that our mission has always been Creating Successful Futures, and that we’ve always approached this challenge in our own unique way.

From day one, we’ve believed in empowering individuals to take control of their future with a program that is friendly and engaging. A program founded on the belief that every person can succeed by finding the path that’s right for them. A program that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

"Career," "cruising"—and any other words we could think of—didn’t adequately capture our identity. We needed a name to which we could give our own meaning. We wanted something that was fun and made people smile. And most importantly, we wanted a name that could represent our mission, our beliefs, and our commitment to helping people become future ready. Xello is who we were always meant to be.

A New, Future Ready Program

Our program has been completely re-imagined and built from the ground up. The new program is not a newer, better Career Cruising, it’s something different entirely. It’s Xello. Xello is personal, Xello is immersive, Xello is powerful, Xello is accessible for all users on any devices at any time.

Every aspect of Xello was built with the user in mind and optimized through extensive user testing and iteration, resulting in an experience that looks and feels amazing. More than any other program, Xello helps people of all backgrounds, abilities, and aspirations truly become future ready.

The transition to Xello isn’t a departure from our company’s proud history. It is a natural progression – the result of a continued deepening of our commitment to helping people create better futures for themselves. We look forward to helping millions of people say “Xello” to their successful future!

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To learn more about our transition to Xello and what it means for you, please visit our questions and answers page or contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.