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Spark happy energy in the classroom

Xello’s interactive lessons make it easy to infuse future readiness across subjects, with clear directions and opportunities for discussion. Watch as students build the knowledge needed to make strong, positive choices.

Equip students for a changing world

Today’s students will encounter careers we can’t even imagine. With Xello, you can guide them through all aspects of post-secondary planning and decision-making while helping them build a solid foundation of self-awareness and critical reflection.

Make course planning more meaningful

Customized for each school, Xello lets students pick courses and create 4-year plans that align with their post-secondary goals. Plans are easy to share and print for discussions with parents and counselors, while educators save hours of administrative work with accurate graduation tracking and course validation.

Track and measure for better outcomes

Keeping up with every student’s aspirations, schedule, and plans shouldn’t be overwhelming. Lay the groundwork for focused conversations with students using Xello’s activity-tracking tools and progress reports, and quickly identify those who need additional support.

Adaptable to your needs

Xello can help you set and achieve outcomes at the school, district, or state/provincial level. Launch a new careers class or initiative, boost CTE enrollment, meet new mandate requirements, and make every student future-ready, to name just a few examples.

Test. Improve. Repeat.

We tested and refined Xello with hundreds of students and educators. Their shared wisdom and generous insights informed the creation of an unrivaled interactive learning experience – one that helps all students create a successful future!