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Is Xello a new product or a new company?

Both! Xello is our exciting new future readiness program for grades 6-12. It’s also the new name for Career Cruising. We have a bigger mission and a bigger focus, but are still the same group of awesome people doing our best to support you and your students in creating successful futures.

Why the name Xello?

We are a technology company that develops software to help people. In exploring names, we wanted something that could work globally and sounded modern and fun. During the naming process, we learned that when coders code, the first line they write for all new programs is “Hello, world.” That’s what we want to do for students with Xello – equip them to say, “Hello, world” in a “here I am, I’m ready!” kind of way.

How does this change impact me?

We want you to be as excited about these changes as we are! But we realize that change can sometimes be a little intimidating. So the short answer to your question is: it impacts you however you would like it to. This isn’t a management change or company ownership change – we are still the same people. You still have access to the same support resources and Career Cruising product. But now our education customers also have a new program option for grades 6-12 with Xello.

Will the Career Cruising for K-12 program (or program I am currently using) go away?

Not for the foreseeable future. We will continue to sell and support both the Career Cruising for K-12 and Xello programs for the next few years. We know that schools and districts don’t make changes lightly or at the drop of a hat, so we’ll make sure you have plenty of time to explore your options and develop plans that best meet the needs of you and your students. We will help you with this planning.

I’m not a school, division or district. When will Xello be available for my organization?

We don’t yet have a timeline to make Xello available to non-K-12 clients. The programs that you currently use will continue to be available to you and the people you help.

I work with elementary students too. Is Xello available for younger students?

An exciting new program for your youngest learners (kindergarten through grade 5) is in development and will be available later in the 2017/18 academic year.

When will Xello be available in French and Spanish?

Very, very soon. Our goals was to launch all versions of at the same time, but we need a little more time to fine tune the French and Spanish versions. We want to make sure we’re delivering the same quality experience for all of our users and are following a process to ensure it. This process involves a dedicated team of professional linguists and thorough, multi-step reviews. We won’t deliver a less than excellent experience for our clients and students you help.

How does Xello work?

Curious about how Xello works and the features it offers? Explore our website or call us. We’re very excited about our new program and can’t wait to show you everything it offers!

How do I get Xello for my program?

Call us! We will work with you to transition from your current program to Xello in a way that makes sense for your teachers, counselors, and students.

I have a question not answered here. How can I get answers?

Call us at 800-965-8541 or visit

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