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Empower your K-12 students to discover future possibilities and prepare them to meet ECAP requirements with Xello.
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With Xello, students become immersed in the ECAP process, developing the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions for future success.

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Empowers Your Students to Achieve ECAP Goals

Xello ensures you have all the ingredients for high-quality ECAP implementation, empowering your students to outline their secondary and postsecondary plans aligned to their career aspirations.
  • Personalized Portfolio
  • Personalized Portfolio
  • Career Exploration
  • Academic Goals
  • Postsecondary Plans
  • Extracurricular Activities
Personalized Portfolio
Career Exploration
Academic Goals
Postsecondary Plans
Extracurricular Activities

Create Personalized Student Portfolios

To help with the ECAP process, students create a shareable, online portfolio within Xello that showcases their interests, skills and abilities. Profiles can be easily updated as students gain new experiences, reflecting who they are every step of the way.

Explore Careers with Interactive Assessments

Students complete a Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory through interactive assessments, identifying their strengths, skills, interests and values. These, along with personality and learning style assessments, encourage self-exploration, helping students define career goals aligned to their skills & interests.

Build Course Plans that Meet Academic Requirements

With Xello’s course planner feature, your students can build course plans to meet graduation requirements, aligning their plans to future aspirations & career goals. Xello supports CTE options, multiple graduation pathways & dual credit courses & enables students to document their academic achievements & awards.

Document Post High School Educational & Career Goals

Students can create individualized plans, mapping out what they want to do after high school. Immersive career & school profiles help students explore admission requirements for technical schools, colleges & universities & compare postsecondary institution offerings. Students learn how to apply for colleges & financial aid, setting them up for future success.

Easily Record Extracurricular Experiences

Students can create a visual record of their extracurricular experiences, such as internships, leadership opportunities or community work within Xello, highlighting who they are & what they've achieved. This information can also be used for easy resume creation when applying for colleges or employment.

Build SEL Skills with Lessons

With Xello's integrated lessons, students build essential social-emotional skills needed to thrive in the real world, enabling them to go beyond just meeting requirements for their ECAP process.

Share Student Plans with Parents

Students can share their Xello profile with parents, providing them with a complete view into what motivates their child. Profiles can also be shared in Spanish, enabling Spanish speaking parents to better support their child's goals.

Create Customizable Content with Ease

Whether you're supporting students via remote, hybrid or in-person learning, Xello offers you the ease and flexibility to tailor your curriculum to fit the needs of your district, students or grade.

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Provides Educators with Powerful Tools for Productivity and Efficiency

Through Xello, educators are easily able to monitor student plans and reports, helping them support their students towards fulfilling ECAP requirements.

Help Your Students Succeed

Educators can easily access powerful engagement and profile reports at the student, school and district level, giving them a detailed view into which students are struggling to meet ECAP requirements and which ones are on track to graduate.

Manage Student Plans

With Xello's course planner feature and college application tools that sync seamlessly with your SIS, you can manage your students' plans with ease, keeping them on track to graduate.

Get Detailed Insights

With access to student profiles, educators get a view of each student’s skills, interests, and activities in Xello. This will help you better understand who your students are and their goals, making conversations more meaningful.

Here's How Xello Enabled an Arizona District to Ensure High-Quality ECAP Implementation

Learn how Xello helped one Arizona district solve its college and career readiness challenges, and meet state mandated responsibilities.
I love that Xello is interactive and intuitive, making it appealing and easy-to-use for our students. They can easily log into Xello and learn about themselves, going through the lessons in a self-guided manner. We're also really excited about the implementation of Xello's course planner, enabling students to put their plan in there to support their ECAP plan.
Mary Wrobel, CTE Counselor Facilitator, Phoenix Union High School District, Arizona
Educator Tested & Approved

The Xello Team is Always Here for You


A Reliable Partner

With Xello, you always have a reliable partner for implementing an award-winning college and career readiness program that helps your students meet ECAP requirements.

Support for Your Educators

We provide a multitude of free, online training resources that will empower your entire staff to become familiar with each and every powerful feature within Xello.

24/7 Tech Support

Our Client Solutions Team is always here to answer your questions. No matter what your query is, we are here to serve you.

Why Your Arizona District Should Choose Xello


We Value Accessibility

Xello meets WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) requirements with full keyboard, screen reader, and low vision accessibility and is also available in Spanish.

Accessible on All Devices

Whether your students are learning in the classroom or at home, they can easily access Xello on any device at any time.

Smooth & Easy Data Integration

Seamlessly sync your Student Information System (SIS) with Xello so that all student plans are accessible in one place.

We Protect Student Data

Protecting student data is important to us. We ensure end-to-end encryption, regular security audits and 24/7 monitoring.