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Xello is an engaging, online program that helps students transform their aspirations into personalized, actionable plans for academic and career success. Equip your students with the tools to be future ready.

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Kick-start your students’ future today

Jumping kids excited about kick-starting their futureJumping kids excited about kick-starting their future

Future readiness starts now! Empower your students with an established framework for success using Xello’s discovery-based model. Students can create their own unique pathways through immersive self-knowledge, exploration, and planning.

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Encourage their journey of self-discovery

Greater self-awareness leads to better decisions. Xello invites students to learn about themselves through a series of engaging activities that build self-knowledge and prompt personal reflection. They’ll make more informed academic and life choices, and you’ll see improvements in engagement and achievement rates.

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Inspire exploration

Exploration leads to discovery. Xello’s rich, interactive content connects students with future opportunities best suited for them — whether it involves a trade, college, university, entrepreneurship, or specialized training. Comprehensive school and career profiles spark ideas and keep students engaged both in and out of the classroom.

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Equip every student with a plan

Plan for success. In Xello, students create evolving, actionable plans by recording their accomplishments, challenges, goals, and dreams in a shareable portfolio that spotlights who they are and where they’re headed. Plus, with fully integrated course planning, they get a crystal-clear academic plan to help them achieve their college and career goals.

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Build future-ready skills and knowledge

Learn, evolve, reassess, repeat. Xello’s interactive lessons encourage ongoing learning – they are fully integrated and able to be woven into curriculum, assigned as self-paced activities, and used as milestones of progress. Your students will develop new insights, and you’ll seamlessly strengthen their knowledge and professional skills.

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Students are engaged right until the end of the class – there's no need to remind them to stay on task. They're excited to use Xello. Mike W., Facilitator & Service Specialist, Wenatchee School District, Washington Mike W., Facilitator and Service Specialist, Wenatchee School District, Washington
Educator holding laptop with student engagement and achievement report on screenEducator holding laptop with student engagement and achievement report on screen

Access powerful insights about your students

Knowledge is power. As students happily engage with Xello, you’ll be tracking their progress with a robust set of reports and dashboards that share insights at the individual, class, school, and district level – making sure every student is college and career ready.

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Ongoing support

Our team is your team

Every student can be college and career ready, regardless of their background or chosen pathway. We’ve supported thousands of educators in their mission to help all students build their plan. From small districts to state- and province-wide implementations – we’ve done it all.

With Xello, you’ll get a personalized onboarding plan, complete guidance through our implementation process, and a dedicated team to help you get the most out of Xello every step of the way!

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Technology built for schools

AA Level Accessibility

Accessible for all students

Successful futures are for everyone. Xello meets WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards with full keyboard, screen reader, and low vision accessibility.

Multiple device types

Available on any device

In the classroom or on the go, Xello lets students plan for their future 24/7, on any device, with the same engaging content and lightning-fast performance.

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Seamless data integration

Secure integration with your Student Information System (SIS) so that students’ course schedules, academic history, and plans are viewable in one place.

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Secure and trustworthy

With the latest advances for end-to-end encryption, regular security audits, and 24/7 monitoring, you can be sure protecting student data is our top priority.

When your students succeed, you succeed

Are you a K-12 district leader interested in engaging every student in college and career planning? Want to equip your students with the knowledge and insights for a successful future? Let’s talk. Schedule a consultation with one of our Education Consultants. You’ll see how Xello can help prepare every student, regardless of background or pathway, for post-secondary success.