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Every Florida Student, Future Ready

As the newly selected online college and career readiness platform for the state of Florida, Xello is excited to bring you intuitive tools designed to engage your K-12 students in planning for life after high school.

The Future of Work Florida initiative galvanizes support for Career and Technical Education as the solution to our workforce needs. Bringing together job creators, industry leaders and education and community partners, the initiative helps showcase the careers of the future and the industries with the most growth potential.

By partnering with Xello, Florida’s K-12 students gain access to a comprehensive program that enables them to explore in-demand careers and the incredible advancement opportunities available to them when they enter a Career and Technical Education program.

Florida is on the path to becoming a top 10 global economy by 2030. Workforce education will propel us there – faster, farther. Learn more at

How Xello Works

One Program, Three Modules

Xello is a full K-12 College & Career Readiness program comprised of three interactive and age-appropriate modules.


Xello K-2

Module one of Xello begins as early as Kindergarten. It takes students on an adventure through Career Town to solve the mystery of its missing workers. Being fun and engaging students are eager to learn about the meaning of careers and what goes into choosing one.

Xello 3-5

In grades 3 to 5 the Xello student experience evolves. Lessons and personalized activities are introduced. These engage students in building self-knowledge, exploring interest-related career options, setting achievable goals, and developing critical thinking skills.

Xello 6-12

In grades 6 to 12, assessments inspire deeper career exploration, academic planning is introduced, and goal setting becomes more sophisticated. In senior grades, work-based learning is introduced and postsecondary planning becomes a focused activity.

Empower Your Students to Plan for the Future

Xello ensures you have all the ingredients to inspire students to explore their possibilities and develop secondary and postsecondary plans in line with their career aspirations.
  • Career Development
  • Career Development
  • Postsecondary Planning
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Family Portal
Career Development
Postsecondary Planning
Interactive Lessons
Work-Based Learning
Family Portal

Assessment and Exploration

Interactive assessments help students understand their interests, skills, values, personality types and learning styles, and help match students to related careers.

Students then explore career portfolios, containing state and regional labor market data, and interviews with people working in these fields. This information helps students discover high-skill, high-wage, and in-demand careers they may otherwise have not known of.


Xello provides Florida students with the information, data, and experiences they need to bring the world of work to life, make smart decisions about their future, and build the workforce of tomorrow.


Xello supports students through the entire process of making difficult decisions about careers and postsecondary with training, resources, and tools to ensure student success.


Develop students' skills through work-based learning, expand their social capital through meeting industry professionals, and give them the know-how to advance within their chosen career pathways.

Enables Florida Educators to Keep Track of Student Progress

Xello provides educators with powerful tools for reporting and student management so they can keep track of whether each student has engaged in career awareness, preparation and readiness activities for their future success.

Create Customizable Content with Ease

Whether you're supporting students via remote, hybrid or in-person learning, Xello is built to be flexible. With custom lessons, assignments, and embeddable links and resources, you can easily tailor your curriculum to fit the needs of your district, students or grade.

Actionable, Insightful Reports

Easy to read reports show educators which students are on track and which need a little help. With the CEW Completion Report, Lesson Completion Report and Critical Alerts Report, educators will rest easier knowing they haven't overlooked a student in need of support.

Integrate Work-Based Learning

With Xello's work-based learning module, you can guide students towards local company profiles and opportunities, helping them develop critical career acquisition and retention skills needed to thrive in today's competitive job market.

Excited to learn more? Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar where we’ll introduce you to:

  • Xello’s key functionality
  • What makes Xello different
  • How districts will onboard with Xello
  • Resources and support for you and your students
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Here’s How Xello Set this Florida District Up for Success

Learn why Osceola School District chose Xello to prepare their students for lifelong success.
What really jumped out to us about Xello was the student centered component of the program. It’s modern, up to date and so student friendly. Ease of access and usage was a big thing that stood out for us as well. And the fact that Xello embeds SEL components within lessons was a big win for our counselors.
Anthony Cook, Former Coordinator of College and Career Counseling, Osceola School District

Educator Tested, Approved & Awarded
Beginning in fall of 2023, all Florida districts will have access, at no-cost, to Xello’s full suite of K-12 tools for career exploration and planning, and coordination of work-based learning opportunities.

Xello will be reaching out directly to district administrators to get schools set up for success. Here's a quick overview of the steps involved in implementing Xello at your district.
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