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Fulfill the Career Development Framework with Xello—an engaging, intuitive, and empowering college and career readiness program for K–12 students.

How Xello Supports the Maryland Career Development Framework

Xello’s award-winning college and career readiness program helps K–12 students begin charting their future plans by providing an experience that creates skills for success, inspires academic and career planning, and encourages lifelong learning. Download our guide to learn more!

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How it Works

Empower Students to Fulfill the MCDF and Develop Their Academic and Technical Skills with Xello

Xello ensures you have the right tools to support your school district's MCDF requirements, while teaching students to develop secondary and postsecondary plans that align with their academic and career plans.
  • Early Exploration
  • Early Exploration
  • Personalized Digital Portfolio
  • SSO and Rostering
  • Support for Families
  • Fully Accessible
Early Exploration
Personalized Digital Portfolio
SSO and Rostering
Support for Families
Fully Accessible

Early Exploration

Xello gives your youngest learners a head start to career awareness and exploration. Xello's elementary school program provides students with the age-appropriate activities they need to set them up for smoother transitions to middle school, high school, and life.
Grades 3 to 5 experience
K to grade 2 experience

Build SEL Skills with Lessons

Xello equips students with the 21st century skills they need to succeed in life through engaging, age-appropriate lessons that enable personal reflection and cultivate students’ social-emotional wellbeing.

Essential Skills for Lifelong Learning

Xello offers a full K–12 college and career readiness experience that aligns with the Career Development Framework, as well as focuses on developing knowledge and skills valued beyond graduation and throughout life.

Four-Year Course Planner

Students can feel empowered to build their own academic plans that align with their postsecondary goals and programs of study, while saving counselors time with automated prerequisite validation, endorsement tracking, and graduation tracking.

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Educator Tools

Powerful Tools That Keep Maryland Educators Organized

With Xello, educators across Maryland can access and monitor student progress and plans to more easily provide meaningful support in fulfilling the Career Development Framework.

Keep Students on Track

Through robust reporting in Xello, Maryland educators can find comfort in knowing they’ll be able to monitor their students’ MCDF progress and support their career development needs all in one place.

Stay Organized

Managing the complexities of the Maryland Career Development Framework can be challenging. Xello ensures educators can check off all of the requirements, while staying engaged and organized every step of the way.

Gain Deeper Insights

With access to features like student profiles, portfolios, and goals and plans, educators get a full picture of each student’s skills, interests, and activities in Xello. Having insights like these at educators’ fingertips makes conversations about future aspirations much more meaningful!
What Educators Say

Students and Educators Love Xello — But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Why Students and Educators Love Xello
Xello’s engaging content connects our students’ interests to post-secondary plans, as well as provides an easy-to-navigate path for students, parents and teachers to follow by creating roadmaps for internships, apprenticeships and dual enrollment. It’s really a one-stop-shop for future readiness.
MaatenRe Ramin, Coordinator of School Counseling, Baltimore County Public Schools, Maryland
Award Winning Support

A Team That's Always Here for You

As an SIIA CODiE Award winner for Best Customer Experience in Ed Tech, our well honed processes combined with our enthusiasm for great service ensure that every client always gets the most out of Xello. Here's how we do it:


A Trusted Strategic Partner

It starts with a strong foundation. Xello partners with each client to understand their unique needs, and craft strategic multi-year plans to maximize student impact and district goal attainment.

On-Demand Training & Support

Our comprehensive and ever-growing library of online resources and courses, empower educators to easily look up and develop expertise in every aspect of Xello.

Answers When You Need Them

Can't find what you need? Not a problem. Whatever your query our award-winning Client Solutions team is here to give you the answers you need, when you need them.

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