Xello vs. Naviance

Xello is the Naviance alternative with the most engaging college and career readiness experience.

Why Xello

Because an Engaged Student is a Successful Student


Naviance checks all the boxes for college and career readiness, but it’s complex and disengaging for students.

While Naviance has experience in college and career readiness, it's complicated and dry, creating a steeper learning curve for educators and less engaged students.

Xello makes the entire online college and career readiness experience inclusive, engaging, and empowering.

Modern and accessible, with age-appropriate content and activities for all pathways, Xello makes career development fun for K–12 students and keeps tracking success simple for educators.
What Educators Say

K–12 Educators Love Xello — But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Why Clients Love Xello
Best Customer Experience
Best Student Experience
Client Testimonials

Hear From Districts That Switched to Xello

Making the switch to Xello was a big step for our district, but the support we received from the Xello team to relaunch as a full K-12 program was unparalleled. Our students are excited to discover and explore their college and career options. I wish we’d done it sooner!

Melody Coryell

Director of Academics and Pathways
Indianapolis Public Schools
After vetting six other software providers, Naviance included, we knew we were in good hands with Xello. Their innovative student interface stands out, for sure, but it’s the support of people who act as real program partners that made our decision to switch that much easier.

Jason Luke

CTE Director
Kalamazoo Regional Service Agency

Xello is the Best Naviance Alternative

Key Benefits

Why choose Xello as a Naviance alternative?

  • User-Friendly
  • User-Friendly
  • World-Class Support
  • Accessible for All
  • Full K–12 Program
  • Every Student, All Pathways
World-Class Support
Accessible for All
Full K–12 Program
Every Student, All Pathways
Xello delivers a modern experience that’s vibrantly designed, intuitive, and age-appropriate, because edtech only works if students and educators actually want to use it.
Student 'About Me' section

Cut the Complexity, Focus on Creating Successful Futures for Every Student

User Experience
Clunky and outdated interface
Confuses and overwhelms students
Modern interface that's accessible to all students
Easy and fun for students to use
Client Support
Limited, pay by the hour access to client support
Unlimited, all-inclusive account management and online support resources
CCR Mandate Compliance
Designed to check boxes
Interactive, reflective exercises
Philosophy & Focus
Built to serve the basic CCR needs of high school students
Built with age-appropriate content tailored to the CCR needs of students from K–12
Supports every student, no matter their pathway
Support for Student Transitions
Prepares high school seniors for 4-year college transitions
Prepares students with real-world knowledge and skills for seamless life transitions

Xello is the Best Naviance Alternative