Xello vs. SchooLinks

Xello is for everyone.

Xello is the trusted K–12 college and career readiness experience that’s engaging, inclusive, and empowering for everyone in your district. SchooLinks is not.
Xello is

A personalized, full K–12 solution

Xello is the whole-district CCR solution that grows along with your students. From kindergarten to grade 12, Xello encourages self-discovery, exploration, goal setting and plans. SchooLinks’ one-size-fits-all approach for elementary falls short of making it a full K–12 program.
Xello is

Fully accessible & inclusive

Xello’s vibrant, easy to use program is fully accessible and inclusive for all students, families, and educators across all devices. SchooLinks’ accessibility gaps don’t meet students where they are—and limit their possibilities.
Xello is

Recognized for having the best client support in EdTech

Think of us as an extension of your district. Xello’s CODiE-award winning program gives districts complete access to dedicated client support and meaningful collaboration— something SchooLinks just can’t match.
Xello is

Complete with high quality features and workflows

Xello consistently delivers the highest quality features and workflows that districts can count on. SchooLinks prioritizes rapid growth, which results in a superficial approach to College and Career Readiness and gaps in mission critical areas.
What Educators Say

Students and Educators Love Xello — But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Why Students and Educators Love Xello
Client Testimonials

Hear From Districts That Switched to Xello

Making the switch to Xello was a big step for our district, but the support we received from the Xello team to relaunch as a full K-12 program was unparalleled. Our students are excited to discover and explore their college and career options. I wish we’d done it sooner!

Melody Coryell

Director of Academics and Pathways
Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana
After vetting six other software providers we knew we were in good hands with Xello. Their innovative student interface stands out, for sure, but it’s the support of people who act as real program partners that made our decision to switch that much easier.

Jason Luke

Director of Career Awareness & Exploration
Kalamazoo Regional Service Agency, Michigan

Why choose Xello over SchooLinks?