Helping Students Create Professional CVs

Helping Students Create Professional CVs

With built-in guidance and tips, Xello’s CV-builder helps middle and high school students of all abilities create a stand-out CV.

Writing a CV can be an intimidating and time-consuming process at any age – but even more so for students in middle and high school that may be attempting a CV for the first time and struggling to figure out where to start, what to include, and why it matters.
Understanding how to showcase one’s skills and abilities is a learning process in itself – one that helps pave the path for a student’s future success by helping them secure internships, college scholarships, summer jobs, and post-secondary opportunities. That’s why encouraging students to start early and guiding them through the CV-writing process is essential.
Recognizing the long-term benefits of building these employability skills early on, several states and school districts have incorporated CV creation into mandates and graduation requirements – ensuring that all students graduating high school carry with them the essential skills required to succeed in the real world.

A guided CV building experience to support students of all abilities

With Xello’s new CV Builder, your students can begin developing their CV-writing skills as early as middle school. Unlike the basic CV templates you’ll find in a google search, Xello’s CV Builder is interactive, mobile-friendly, and offers students guidance throughout the process to help them understand the basics – like what a CV is, how it’s used, and how to approach your CV if you don’t have any work experience.
This guided approach creates a welcoming and engaging experience for all students – no matter what their starting point is. And with a handy tooltip that introduces students to their on-screen Help section on first visit, you can rest assured students will know exactly where to go to get help if they get stuck.

An example of a built-in tooltip helping students get oriented
An example of a built-in tooltip helping students get oriented

Students can spend less time formatting and more time developing meaningful content

Students don’t have to start from scratch. Xello’s CV builder makes it easy to take the valuable information students have learned about themselves through assessments, self-reflection, and early experiences, and turn it into a professional CV.
As students click into the different sections of their CV , they’ll notice that Xello automatically pulls in any relevant work they’ve already completed in their ‘About Me’ portfolio – including saved skills, interests, work experiences, and volunteer experiences. Students simply click the checkbox next to a saved entry to add it directly to their CV. No copying and pasting required.
And when students edit saved entries or add new content to their CV, it’s automatically synced back to the About Me profile so students don’t have to make updates in two places.

An example of a student selecting saved skills to add to their resume
An example of a student selecting saved skills to add to their CV

Within each section of the CV, students have access to Tips & Samples that help guide them in do’s and don’ts of writing a stand-out CV and provide writing samples to inspire new ideas and help students quality check their content.

An example of the Tips & Samples included in the Work Experience section
An example of the Tips & Samples included in the Work Experience section

At any point, students can use the Layout options to customize their CV by removing sections that aren’t relevant, or readjusting the order so they can put their strongest skills and experiences first. Students can also hide the default icons that appear next to each section of the CV for a more professional look.

An example of the Layout options used to customize a student’s resume
An example of the Layout options used to customize a student’s CV

Once students have added content to each section and customized their CV to suit their needs, they can download it as a fully formatted, professional PDF, or as an RTF file – allowing them to add custom sections or style their CV their own way.
Students can make updates to their CV at any time. A ‘last updated’ date displays on the CV tile on students’ About Me page to help them keep track. And if you’d like students to store multiple versions of a CV in Xello, students can simply download and save CV files to their Storyboard before making fresh updates.

Educators can easily review student CVs and track completion

Educators can easily access and review individual students’ CV from within the Overview tab of the student profile. The new CV section will contain a link to a PDF of the student’s CV, and display a last modified date to show evidence of the student’s progress.

An example of the Resume section within a student profile
An example of the CV section within a student profile

To encourage students to create a CV and track its completion, simply set-up a custom lesson for the relevant grade(s) and set the CV builder as a prerequisite.
The lesson will appear on students’ dashboards and once clicked, students will be prompted to create their CV. Once students complete the mandatory sections of the CV, they can return to the lesson to add a reflection in response to your instructions, and turn the lesson in.

An example of creating a custom lesson with Resume Builder selected as a prerequisite
An example of creating a custom lesson with CV Builder selected as a prerequisite

You can monitor completion using your lesson progress reports. Use the completion status dropdown to identify students that are falling behind and then click the Send Message button to send a follow-up message reminding them about the upcoming deadline.
If you’d like to track CV completion for a custom group of students rather than an entire grade, you can use Assignments. For example, if a CV is one of the requirements that students must meet in order to participate in your work-based learning program, you can create a student group containing all WBL applicants and assign that group a CV assignment with the CV Builder set as the prerequisite. Then simply add new WBL applicants to your custom group to have the assignment automatically appear on their dashboard and track its completion using your assignments reports.

Ready to take the new CV Builder for a spin?

You can explore the new CV Builder using your student demo account. Simply navigate to the About Me page, scroll down and click on the new CV tile.