Xello & Collegewise

Xello is proud to partner with Collegewise, a trusted expert in helping students access the transformative power of higher education.

Partnership Details

More than 20 years after working with its first students, Collegewise has grown to become the nation’s largest college admissions organization. Among its offerings are 1-on-1 College Counseling, Tutoring, and Test-Prep, as well as Professional Development and Training services for high school counselors and educators.


The Xello/Collegewise partnership is designed to support educators and empower more students to enjoy a successful college application experience.

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How to Apply to Highly Selective Colleges

Applying to colleges like Stanford or MIT can be a daunting task for many students and their families. In this article we explain what selective colleges are looking for, and what to do to maximize chances of acceptance.

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Xello and Collegewise Present

We are pleased to present the following Collegewise webinars. In these you’ll hear from current and former admissions personnel about what evaluation committees are looking for—and what students need to demonstrate to be successful in the admission process.

Admissions 101: Secrets of College Admissions
Admissions 101: Secrets of College Admissions
This exclusive webinar will help families separate college admissions fact from fiction and enjoy the college process a little more. Get straight answers about what college admissions committees really look for and how they ultimately decide who gets in.
    Brenna Heintz

    Former Associate Dean of Admissions, Director of Recruitment, Swarthmore College

    Lizzie Leonard

    Former Former Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Cambridge Friends School

Creative Summer Planning
Creative Summer Planning
Join this exclusive webinar to hear Collegewise counselors share their tips on how students can maximize their summer break, make an impact, and explore their passions in preparation for college. Take the stress away from summer planning.
    Anita Gajula

    Collegewise Counselor, Former Academic Advisor at the University of Chicago

    Nicole Pilar

    Collegewise Counselor, Former Outreach Coordinator at Claremont Colleges Debate Union