‘Tis the season of college submissions—seemingly the busiest time of year for your seniors. And we can’t blame them; they have a lot to consider: Factors like high school academic performance, financial situations, and future aspirations will inevitably steer their post-secondary path and decisions.

That said, students aren’t the only ones feeling the strain. School counselors and educators are just as busy ensuring they do everything they can to support their students throughout the arduous journey.

Are you looking for a way to ease the anxiety of post-secondary planning and applications? Xello is pleased to introduce a suite of new college application tools. Now, both you and your students have access to the essential tools needed to stay organized and on track throughout the college applications journey.

Help Your Students Track Important Dates and Deliverables

Both juniors and seniors can now track their college application deadlines, requirements, and progress directly in Xello.

With the new College Applications hub, students are prompted to create applications for each of their desired schools. Using Peterson’s data, Xello automatically populates a checklist of application requirements, showing your students exactly what needs to be submitted for each college.

Students also have the flexibility to personalize their checklists by adding custom tasks such as a creative portfolio or interview, and assigning due dates to individual requirements. As students make progress on their applications, they can simply mark requirements as complete and watch their checklists grow more colorful and vibrant as they near application completion.

An example of a completed application

To keep students motivated and on track, a visual snapshot of all started applications, deadlines and pending action items is summarized within the Application Tracker, making it easy for students to see exactly where they’re at and what they need to do next. 

Example of the Application Tracker in the College Applications hub

As an educator, you can easily view the schools that your grade 11 and 12 students are applying to, which gives you an inside look at college application trends at your school, and helps inform planning for college information sessions and visits.

Example of an educator report: college applications by institution

Take reporting to an even deeper level with the ability to view and monitor each of your students’ application progress directly from Xello. Having this knowledge at your fingertips allows you to have more meaningful 1:1 discussions to keep each and every student accountable of their post-secondary planning.

Example of the educator view of a student’s college applications

Save Time with Simple and Trackable Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation

Please note: Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation must be set up by your school lead before students and administrators can start using the feature.

Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation in Xello make it easy for students to request the documents they need to successfully complete their college application requirements.

Once an application is created, students can simply click the Request button next to the transcript requirement and their requests are automatically sent to their high school. Requests are fulfilled by the school administrator behind the scenes, which is then submitted to the college right from Xello!

Tracking concerns? Worry no more. Xello’s built-in tracking ensures your students are informed of the status of their transcripts, keeping administrators free from questions, concerns, and follow-ups from students. You can learn more about Transcripts here.

Example of a student transcript request

Students can now also request letters of recommendation from within their application checklist. Xello understands the importance of crafting a clear and concise request, so students are educated about the process of requesting a letter of recommendation and offered tips on what makes a good request. And just like Transcripts, students are able to track the status of the requests right from Xello.

Example of a student writing a request for a Letter of Recommendation

On the other end, referrers will be notified by email when they receive a letter of recommendation request. They’ll see the student’s personal note, plus the request deadline and can securely upload their recommendation letter on Xello (without the need for a Xello account).

Example of a Letter of Recommendation request from the referrer’s view

After referrers upload their letter of recommendation, it is sent directly to the college. Both you and your students can easily monitor and track the progress of these requests, so you have the status right at your fingertips.

Example of a Letter of Recommendation request from an educator’s view

Keep Students on Track and Save Time with College Applications

Xello’s new suite of college application tools are designed with your students (and you!) in mind, providing students with that “next step” upon completing their college and career exploration activities in Xello.

The college application tools keep your students informed, inspired, and on track of their applications. For you, internal processes are better streamlined, so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time preparing your seniors for the future.

Get Started Using College Applications in Just a Few Clicks

Ready to dive into the college applications tools in Xello? The new suite of tools are available to your grade 11 and 12 students and can be easily accessed from the Goals & Plans section of the student dashboard. To get started, check out this Xello Support article.

Additionally, if you want to enable the electronic sending of Transcripts and/or Letters of Recommendation, simply contact your Success Manager or send us an email at help@xello.world.

Wishing you a swift and successful college application season!

Monica Biesok

Monica Biesok is the Director of Product Marketing at Xello. She has worked alongside product teams for over 8 years helping to bring innovative products and user experiences to life