Xello Customer Advisory Board

Helping to improve the Xello experience and reshape what it means for students to be college and career ready.
Our Board’s Mission:
To improve the Xello experience for fellow customers, and help reshape what it means for students to be college and career ready. The Xello Customer Advisory Board comes together to provide insight on the education industry, feedback on challenges that districts face, and share ideas to better support Xello users in their goal to help every student build the skills, knowledge, and plans for a successful future.
Our Passionate Leaders in Education
The Xello Global Customer Advisory Board members represent a diverse group of educators from various school districts across North America and the United Kingdom. Our board consists of twelve leaders in education, passionate about ensuring all students are future ready.
Tanya Alcarez
Assistant Director, Career and Innovation
Anthony Cook
Coordinator of College and Career Counseling
Briana Evans
School Counselor
Tonni Grant
Director of College and Career Solutions
Jason Henry
Supervisor for Secondary Education
Joshua Mangas
Community, and IT Communication Leader
Reno Palombit
Director of Career & Technical Education
John Peet
Deputy Headteacher
Katie Siewert
Assistant Director, Career and Technical Education
Wade Tower
Secondary Program Coordinator
Tony Warren
Education Consultant/Career Development
Mindy Willard
School Counseling and Transitions Coordinator